Como pode a integração dos espaços e da tecnologia melhorar a qualidade de vida das pessoas e aumentar a produtividade das Organizações e a sustentabilidade das cidades.

Objectivos das Jornadas APFM

Hosting the 12th annual event, the APFM successfully brings knowledge and professionals from all around the world to share their ideas, solutions and problems in a world of constant change.

On the 17th and 18th of October, during the 12th Jornadas, the conference will be focusing in trending themes like:

  • Industry Case – How organizations are evolving to create new services and environments;
  • How technology helps spaces to become more human;
  • Wellbeing: how FM impacts the quality of life;
  • Is ISO41001 a game changer?;
  • How cities will manage their built environment;
  • Is trust missing from contracts?
  • How quality of life improves performance;
  • The role of government agencies in the future of the built environment.


The 12th Annual Portuguese Facility Management Conference also known as Jornadas FM will bring to Lisbon the biggest trends in FM around the globe, don’t miss your opportunity to save a sit (and your wallet!)

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