Como pode a integração dos espaços e da tecnologia melhorar a qualidade de vida das pessoas e aumentar a produtividade das Organizações e a sustentabilidade das cidades.

Objectivos das Jornadas APFM

Hosting the 12th annual event, the APFM successfully brings knowledge and professionals from all around the world to share their ideas, solutions and problems in a world of constant change-

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The agenda is being constantly updated. Please advise that some speakers will still be added.

17th October

8h30 – 9h00 – Welcome Coffee and Registration
9h00 – 9h30 – Opening Session
Goran Milanov | João Hormigo | Francisco Garcia
9h30 – 10h00 – The new courtrooms: Tribunal+
Anabela Pedroso (Secretary of State of the Ministry of Justice)
10h00 – 11h15 – How Organizations are evolving to create new services and environments
Francisco Vazquez | Jorge Ribeirinho Machado | Olga van Diermen
11h15 – 11h45 – Coffee Break & Networking
11h45 – 13h15 – How technology helps spaces to become more human
Anna Seacat | Andre Calixto  | Pablo Alvarez Alvarez | Peter Brown
13h15 – 14h30 – Lunch
14h30 – 16h00 – How cities are becoming more attractive (and competitive)
Bernardo Cabral Meneses | Luís Newton | Ian Gelling | Rosa Maria Sanchis
16h00 – 17h15 – Is trust missing from contracts?
Monica Anand  | Maria José Campos | Nuno Serra Oliveira | Vanessa Matos | João Guerreiro
17h15 – 19h00 – Cocktail and Networking

18th October

8h30 – 9h00 – Welcome Coffee and Registration
9h00 – 9h30 – Opening Session
Pekka Matvejeff | Pedro Branco Ló
9h30-11h00 – How can we impact quality of life in the built environment
Tiago Rocha | Sara Sousa Brito | Rita Almeida Martins | Susana Branco | Rachel Kuijlenburg | João Rodrigues
11h00 – 11h30 – Coffee Break & Networking
11h30-13h00 – Is ISO41001 a game changer?
David Martínez | Renske van der Heide | Ine Schaeps
13h00 – 14h30 – Lunch
14h30 – 16h00 – The Digitized Transformation of our Environment
Svend Bie | Carlos Lourenço | Sonia Salan Asensio | Tomás Figueiredo | Paulo Fernandes
16h00-17h15 – Can we finally be People Centric?
Raquel Cruz | Rogério Marchante | Ron van der Weerd | Carlos Marques
17h15 – 19h00 – Cocktail and Networking